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Bran Symondson is a British photographer, artist, philanthropist entrepreneur, and art collector. He is considered to be one of the most acclaimed reportage photographers of the 21st Century. Bran started his career in the 1990s workings alongside renowned photographers such as Gavin Bond, David La Chapelle, and Nadav Kander. in 2004, Bran started the selection process to join the British Army Special Forces Reserves. After completing pre-deployment training in 2007, Bran was deployed to Afghanistan, Helmand Province.

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For Tristan “Schoony” Schoonraad, one particular father-son trip was even more special than usual. He joined his dad (a famed prosthetics and set artist) on the set of Star Wars’ “Return Of the Jedi,” saw the Forest Moon of Endor and met legendary actor Harrison Ford all in a day. From the age of 15 and onward, he started a mission to bring his thoughts to life. Thirty years and counting, he’s still on that mission of showcasing his love of art—with the world. He started his artistic career working in film as a special effects and makeup artist. But after a friend suggested that he show his work outside of a movie set, Schoony tested that theory.

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