Aurum Geminus

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3380: Double AK-47 stands for opposing forces, the juxtaposition of mankind and mother nature.
The dollar bill origami butterflies are symbolic to capitalism opposing real butterflies. One magazine on the left A-K47 is open showcasing clear AK-47 bullets filled with symbolic elements which show the positive and negative effects on the planet and people. The Gold AK47 is a play on man’s obsession with his own vanity, it is ironic as man feels embellished by gold, an element which has been forming on our planet for hundreds of thousands of years and yet in return through our own blinding greed we destroy the home where the gold forms in only just a few hundred years.

A sad reality captured through a powerful art piece. The title of the piece is ‘Aurum Geminus’ which is Latin for ‘Gold Gemini’ – Gemini is the sign of duality and opposing forces – as shown by the two AK-47s.

Bullet Fillings:

  1. Sawdust – Represents deforestation, how humans have managed to slowly destroy the lungs of the planet
  2. Peridot – Green gemstone is known as a stone of compassion, when worn or around humans it increases strength and vitality
  3. Oil – To represent man’s greed of the planet’s natural resources and toxic waste
  4. Tanzanite – is a stone of transmutation, shifting from lilac-blue to sapphire blue and into deep blue-violet, this represents Oceanic dispersal and dispersal in Ecology
  5. Mykonos Sand – Represents the sands of time, time is running out to prevent irreversible damage
  6. Pink – Fragility of Mother Nature and Cherry Blossom
  7. Red Ethanol – Taken from a thermometer to represent global warming
  8. Amethyst – A quartz crystal with great healing purposes used for cleansing and protection
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